What People Are Saying About The Door Covenant Church

"What a 'laid back' church. It doesn't have pews but instead closely resembles a comfortable, inviting, living room with many couches and arm chairs. You don't need to have your 'church clothes' on to walk in and be welcomed and more importantly, loved."

"I am so overwhelmed and my heart is rejoicing for the love my church and my family is showing! I can't thank them all enough! God is moving and He's moving through them. He's showing His love and compassion through them, the willing. The people who have said, "God send me. I'll go." People who are giving of their time, their money, their gas, their vehicles, their own resources. I'm so blessed by them!"

"We are learning a new way to do life, church, community ... everything. Grace changes everything... We'll wander down wrong paths, learn lessons, and continue our glorious endeavor. Let's remember the journey is as important as the destination... Let's be gentle with ourselves, humble before others, and loving in all things."

"I'd like to invite you to my church. There, I've found people who listen. People who care. People who walk the talk and are moved by compassion. Kind people. Imperfect people who like me, are just trying to make a difference in this world in Jesus' name."

"You don't need to stop smoking, drinking, gambling, swearing, or 'get your life together' to say 'yes' to Jesus or walk into my church. His grace is sufficient for all and love covers a multitude." 

"I love my church and everyone there! I get excited for every Sunday because Pastor Jack always shares the compassion and love of Jesus in his messages."

"Really awesome people; friendly and loving."

Find Us
The Door Covenant Church is located at 1250 126th Ave NE, Blaine, MN - at the intersection of Hwy 65 and Hwy 14 in Creekview Center or live streaming services from anywhere!


Our church culture and our weekly messages are guided by our values of GRACE: 
     Grounded in scripture
     Relevant in approach
     Authentic in nature

     Compassionate in attitude

     Empowered by the spirit

Watch a few of recent messages here, or visit our YouTube Channel for more.

The Door Covenant Church
in Blaine is an imperfect church for imperfect people. A place where you can know and be known, accept and be accepted, love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated. It is our hope that everyone, everywhere experience God inside and out... "inside" personally as well as in our faith community, and "out" as we humbly serve, share, and invite others to know Jesus. ​​​

Worship with us on Sundays at 10:30am
at our Blaine location or online